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DouceSoeur chocolate factory: at the heart of business

Chocolaterie DouceSoeur : au coeur des entreprises

It is in chocolate making that Monique, co-founder, found her happiness following a long entrepreneurial journey. The DouceSoeur business, started jointly with her sister Louise, has a workshop-boutique in Montreal as well as several points of sale across the province.

Learn more about the company in this interview where Monique Des Rosiers, owner, gives us the details of her daily life and the journey that led her to start a business.

Monique Des Rosiers, owner, and her husband Pierre Tessier

How would you describe your business in one sentence?

La Chocolaterie DouceSoeur specializes in the creation of creative and gourmet artisanal chocolates

Why did you choose this field?

I am a gourmet person who has always been attracted to sweets and culinary pleasures.

What was the trigger that pushed you to go into business?

I am an entrepreneur at heart. I have tried several types of businesses over the years, but nothing has equaled chocolate making, which turned out to be a real passion!

What is the most memorable moment in your career as an entrepreneur?

The most striking moment is the start of the chocolate factory with my sister. Then after the opening, my spouse Pierre joined to continue our great adventure. Like what, entrepreneurship, for me, is a family story!

When you were younger, was being an entrepreneur your dream or did you see yourself doing something else?

When I was younger, I already saw myself as an entrepreneur! I started my first business when I was 7 (homemade $0.02 popsicles) but hey, nothing to do with my professional adult career.

Why the field of chocolate?

We are fortunate to work in a field that creates happiness. Chocolate is pure pleasure and I particularly appreciate seeing the positive reactions of customers who taste our various products for the first time.

Which is your favorite product from your shop and why?

The croquenbouche is definitely our star product, a crunchy butter caramel with toasted almonds coated in fine chocolate, simply decadent! Our other flagship product is the chocolate flower bouquet. It is an exquisite blend of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate enhanced with nuts, candied citrus fruits and ginger. All this is arranged in a packaging reminiscent of a bouquet of flowers. Chocolate that we taste as much with the eyes as with the taste buds.

What motivates you at work right now?

Pierre, my spouse, and I love to surpass ourselves and create distinctive products. amaze our customers with our unique and personalized creations!

What excites you about being an entrepreneur?

The pride of having gone to the end of an idea which, over the years, continues to grow in popularity.

What's your next project?

My next project is to triple our different points of sale throughout Quebec. We are already in well-established local shops in their community, online businesses and the corporate environment. The loyalty of our customers over the years gives us the confidence to continue.

Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

We would have grown faster! It is probably the fact that we are so well established in our production workshops and recognized in our neighborhood that held us back from the idea of ​​expanding or moving to a store in a large commercial artery.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Listening to customers and other merchants and being on the lookout for new trends. Believing in your own ideas is also more than important, and being open to your environment is just as important!

What is your wildest dream with the company?

My wildest dream would be for one of my boys to take over when Pierre and I retire. But hey, who knows what the future holds?

What has entrepreneurship taught you?

Entrepreneurship has taught me to be attentive to the needs of my clients and their life story. Each transaction is a moment of truth and I love knowing the reason that motivates them to consume or offer chocolates to those around them.

Where does the name of the DouceSoeur Chocolaterie come from?

The name DouceSoeur is a play on words with a double meaning. It designates the sweets made and refers to the contribution of my sister Louise, who also made chocolates in Western Canada.

DouceSoeur chocolates are available on our online store and in our stores .

Thanks to Monique Des Rosiers for her collaboration and her time to answer our questions!

By Marie-Sophie Reix

Reviewed by MF Editorial

photo credits: DouceSoeur

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