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Indispensable stops during a next color trip

Indispensables arrêts lors d’une prochaine virée des couleurs

Many of us will take advantage of the fall to take getaways to recharge our batteries and soak up the magical scenery left by the colorful leaves as they accompany you into the cold season.

If you opt for the north shore of Montreal, various discoveries are available to you, starting with…

Moov Activewear in Boisbriand

The Moov Activewear company is making its mark in the world of sportswear and offers a plus size range. A quick stop in Boisbriand is a must to equip yourself for the mountain hike planned during your getaway.

Indispensable stops during a next color trip

credit: Moov Activwear

Gourmet Sauvage in Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré

Fans of mycology already know it, the Gourmet Sauvage company has been promoting boreal gastronomy for more than 25 years. In addition to groceries, body care products are produced there. On the other hand, the gathering workshops in the forest will not be back until 2022.

Indispensable stops during a next color trip

credit: Gourmet Sauvage

In addition to enjoying the last days of the harvest, a tour of the colors of Estrie can make you discover several entrepreneurial gems, such as…

Mama Nature Cosmetics in Farnham

We bet that you will be charmed by Mama Nature's cosmetics, entirely handmade from wild plants grown by the entrepreneur herself, right in her garden!

Indispensable stops during a next color trip

credit: Mama Nature

Mc Duff artisanal vinegar factory in Magog

Your fall salads won't taste the same with a stop in Magog at the Mc Duff artisanal vinegar factory. Also available in several public markets, including that of Saint-François-Xavier-de-Brompton, the products of the vinegar factory help raise funds to develop a new screening tool for Lyme disease. When you can combine good action with delight, it's a winner!

Indispensable stops during a next color trip

credit: McDuff Vinegar Factory

For those who have the chance to visit Charlevoix, you will not want to miss…

BAM Café in Beaupré

The road can sometimes require a stop to refuel (not only for the automobile, but also for ourselves). To do this, the Côte-de-Beaupré is the perfect place to take a break. La Brûlerie Autour du Monde awaits you in Beaupré in a warm atmosphere and offers you, in addition to coffee and tea, soups and sandwiches that will take you to your final destination. In a hurry to reach it? You will be charmed to know that the café also offers drive-thru.

Indispensable stops during a next color trip

credit: BAM Cafe

Irena Geerts in La Malbaie and Beaupré

No matter how much we refocus to appreciate the present moment, it is impossible to forget that, sooner or later, winter will follow. To get accessories that are just as warm as they are beautiful for the colder days, visit Boutique Charlevoix in La Malbaie or Sports Alpin in Beaupré to discover the products of Irena Geerts. They are knitted from alpaca wool.

Indispensable stops during a next color trip

credit: Irena Geerts

If you need to be guided to choose the ideal destination, Bonjour Québec provides you with this map of fall colors which allows you to visualize the coloring of hardwoods across the province. Have a good color spree!

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cover: Nathalia Segato via Unsplash

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