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Carpet Carpet: handcrafted comfort

Tapis Tapis : réconfort artisanal

No one could logically doubt the main product of the company discussed in this article: Rugs Rugs. But its universe and its foundations are no less interesting. It was the downtime created by the pandemic that prompted Kalina Grégoire-Nadeau to learn a new method, tufting, to create rugs that match the customer's request and decor. An interview with the founder allowed us to reconstruct the first moments of this company offering entirely handmade crafts.

Carpet Carpet: handcrafted comfort

Kalina Grégoire-Nadeau, founder of Tapis Tapis

A large customer base for its products

Although the main tufted product is the carpet, the designer also makes cushions and has modeled two types of poufs for children, but ensures that these are durable before marketing them on a larger scale. The next product in development will be the storage basket.

His presence on Etsy has led to sales in Ireland, the United States and Germany, giving him great exposure. It is often from her Instagram account that consumers contact her to tell her about their project. An entry into physical points of sale is a challenge for the entrepreneur who wishes to keep prices accessible. Kalina is therefore considering other transactional websites, such as Wayfair and Amazon Handmade, but she prefers to take them one step at a time to better control the quality of the products produced before embarking on other shopping platforms.

Carpet Carpet: handcrafted comfort

This is also one of the lessons she learned through entrepreneurship: prioritize where we want to put our efforts to be 100% satisfied before starting something else.

Projects in focus

It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to feel rushed as there are so many ideas they want to bring to fruition. In the case of Kalina, it is very clear that they all follow the same purpose: that of comfort and benevolence. One project Kalina has at heart is coordinating her own benefit market. The creators who will participate have already been selected and part of the profits raised during the event will be donated to the Fondation Jeunes En Tête, which sheds light on the taboo of mental health among young people. Follow the Tapis Tapis social networks to be notified of the date of the event!

Carpet Carpet: handcrafted comfort

Not lacking in ambition, the entrepreneur admits to being on the right track to owning her own workshop space where she would not only sell a few models, but would also combine the offer of tufting workshops and yoga sessions, she who is newly trained to teach it.

When Tapis Tapis is present in markets, it is above all to inspire and make itself known. "So much the better if a model appeals to a customer and he leaves with it, however the goal is to make him a tailor-made product that suits his decoration. »

The environment at the heart of business

By questioning our interlocutor on the place that the environment takes in her company, it was apparent that it was preponderant. It was while taking a course on sustainable development in the workplace that she discovered a passion that shines through above all in the choice of her materials. The wool is eco-responsible, 100% renewable and biodegradable and comes from free-range sheep that are sheared once a year. The stuffing inside the cushions and poufs is recycled.

Carpet Carpet: handcrafted comfort

An ideal balance with family life

The life of an entrepreneur allows the founder of Tapis Tapis to spend more time with her family and she cannot imagine how she could have temporarily homeschooled her oldest if she worked for someone else. . Her husband also being self-employed, she sees a lot of support in her family situation: “my daughter helps me take pictures of the products and can also be present when I teach yoga”. Isn't this the beginnings of a family business?

Carpet Carpet: handcrafted comfort

If you want to learn more about this company, consult its member profile .

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