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The right hour on Noir et Bois

Noir et Bois

Behind the creation of Noir et Bois, a company specializing in decorative and functional objects, there is the story of Meggie and Olivier, a couple with a thousand projects. Buying and renovating a house in a new region, two full-time jobs, two close pregnancies (and therefore two babies to take care of), all this in addition to starting the business. No wonder Meggie missed the phone interview for a few minutes, time to put baby number 2 to sleep! She was no less present half an hour later to tell me about the beginnings and the projects of this Signé Local member company.

Black and Wood

Minimalist trend

The first prototype that was created by the duo is the round wooden clock that has now become their signature product. “The idea appeared when we moved into our house in Drummondville. We started looking in stores and, at the time, everything we found was bistro style, a bit old-fashioned. In short, it didn't represent us at all and it certainly wasn't going to last over time. So we decided to create one. Olivier is really the initiator, it was he who submitted the idea of ​​making it to sell it. »

It was not the first time that Olivier had taken on a project. “I didn't have any entrepreneurial experience, but Olivier, for his part, had created a very popular European car festival. He really has the profile of an entrepreneur, always on the lookout for an opportunity to seize. Meggie also tells me that she combines her creativity and designer eye with the business acumen of her husband who is responsible for sales, suppliers and invoicing. She takes care of product development, market development and social media management, among others.

Environmental impact

My interlocutor makes it a point of honor to tell me that the decorative objects created by her company are made from recycled wood. “We try, as far as possible, to use diseased trees that must be felled. We get our supplies on private land. We know the owner and we know that the trees are cut responsibly. »

The couple takes care of the final assembly of the product, in their workshop which is located in the basement of their home. “Instead of having a toy room for the children, we have a production workshop for our company. We receive the pieces of wood, we apply the oil and we do the packaging. Parts are machined here, by Quebec companies. All our pieces are unique since the wood is of different sizes and colors. »

Black and Wood

Hybrid entrepreneurship

Like 82% of small start-ups in Quebec, Meggie and Olivier are juggling their entrepreneurial dream with a full-time job. “We have to work until very late at night on Noir et Bois, I'm canvassing with the baby as I'm on maternity leave at the moment. We always talk about our project, we live in it. It's sometimes difficult, but we learned a lot. Everything is positive, we really like it! And our family is very present, they support us and give us help constantly. »

It is possible to find one of the star products of the Centric company, either the round or triangular clock or the minimalist hooks and much more, in a market near you before Christmas. Meggie and Olivier's confections are also available year-round in their Etsy shop or at Signé Local and in other points of sale across Quebec.

Reviewed by Marie-Pascale

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