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Receive for dinner during the holidays

Recevoir pour souper durant le temps des fêtes

November has arrived and the first snow has officially fallen; the holidays are already starting to kick in. And who says holiday season, often says many dinners with friends, colleagues and family. The pressure is sometimes great when it is we who receive at home. We want to impress our guests and above all, make sure they have a memorable evening. To make the organization easier for you, we have developed a small guide of ideas for you to receive perfectly, without (too) breaking your head.

The atmosphere

An essential element when organizing a dinner is to establish the desired atmosphere; dim lights, candles , background music, holiday decorations, etc.

To add a festive and modern touch to your holiday decorations, the 3D paper models from Sofs design are perfect. Garland of lights, stars, Christmas tree, etc.

Arrival of guests

The arrival of guests is an element that is important not to neglect. As for a first meeting, it is generally the first minutes that dictate the tone of the evening. If you think your preparations won't be quite finished at the agreed time, just make sure your welcome cocktail and aperitif are ready. In this way, when your first guest arrives, you can leave your preparations behind for a few minutes in order to welcome them warmly and so that they don't feel bad about being too early seeing you running around to finish everything. Take his coat off, offer him a drink, take a few minutes to strike up a conversation, and mention that you still have some preparations to make; no doubt he will offer to give you a hand or at least to chat to you while you finish.

Suggestion for appetizer:

As a welcome cocktail, opt for a festive option and an always appreciated classic: a kir royal with crème de cassis

Kir royal with crème de cassis, Mona and girls

Simple to prepare, it's the festive appetizer of choice! To a flute of prosecco or champagne, simply add 15-30ml of Monna et Filles crème de cassis and some frozen blueberries for presentation.

For those who don't drink alcohol, simply replace the bubbles with kombucha and voila!

To taste, marinated olives , flavored guinea fowl terrines (a favorite for the one with cranberry & maple syrup), block of foie gras with champagne , bruschetta with apples and bites of smoked salmon with lemon shavings arranged on a serving tray in Maple Pastis Olive will delight your guests.

Olive Pastis

The main meal

When preparing the meal, it is important to take into consideration everyone's intolerances and restrictions in order to offer a menu that will please everyone.

Personally, I'm a fan of participatory dishes where everyone can customize according to their tastes: Chinese fondue, raclette, Mexican vegan tacos . These are unifying meals, which allow everyone to be around the table and enjoy the moment without having to worry about cooking a dish.

Three times per day

Fish or beef tartars are also excellent options when entertaining at home!

great great


Essential to delight sweet teeth, the dessert can take many forms. If your main meal is quite filling, opt for a lighter dessert such as a fruit verrine , a lemon and rosemary shortbread tartlet or a mousse served in a dark chocolate bowl .

Shortbread tartlet with lemon and rosemary, Dinette

Good reception !

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