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Pur Om, zero waste and soap for HIM

Pur Om, zéro déchet et savon pour LUI

What a pleasure to discuss with Benoit Lacroix, the entrepreneur behind Pur Om , ecological soaps, with plastic-free packaging, 100% natural and locally handmade. Products exclusively adapted for men as much by the quality of the soap as by its colors. This businessman with deeply rooted environmental values ​​and with a keen understanding of his needs. He is in business for the pleasure of offering a product that meets the needs of his customers and to be able to work on a project that he is passionate about. Let yourself be seduced by its products!

Benoit Lacroix, founder of Pur Om

A revealing course

Benoit becomes aware of the impact on the environment of all lifestyle choices during an internship in organic farming. He notices a lifestyle focused on reusing (soap container), buying in bulk and reducing single-use items. He leans a little on the subject and discovers that as an informed consumer of natural products, products intended for men are rare. The more he deepens his research, the more he notices that the branding of “so-called” male products does not reach him. The idea of ​​creating a range of products for men begins to arise in his mind. It must be said that the call of the business world has been present for a while in the life of this entrepreneur. Benoit studied administration and worked in human resources until the age of 32. This world, his tasks and even his work routine lead him to question himself since none of this suits his needs anymore. The frantic pace of the work-sleep routine must end. “I no longer wanted to work for a company, to go to meetings where we were always asked for more, to see employees at the bottom of the ladder struggling while being treated less well… I no longer saw the reason for all this” , explains Benoit when we discuss the transition from the world of work to the world of business. He therefore launched himself as a public speaking coach in order to work according to his values ​​and his way of doing things. Then, the age of 38-39 arrives and the taste for change too. He wants to meditate, take time for himself and then Pur Om showed up during this inner journey.

Shaving brush/razor bowl and stand

Successful partnership and collaboration

Of course, the trigger remains organic farming, which opened his eyes to renewables. The environment, and its conservation, is part of his life and he is very interested in this subject: ecological house, natural products, etc. When Pur Om and the idea of ​​creating soaps came up, Benoit "wanted to find expertise in the field of soap making and communicated directly with the director of the Savonnerie des Diligences in order to discuss with her", adds proudly Benoit by presenting this great business partnership. The director had wanted a range for men for some time. So, product development quietly picked up. It was the first point of sale for Pur Om soaps. This partnership is one of the great successes of the company, since everyone's expertise is used to create a product that truly meets the needs of the target clientele. The same goes for the design boxes for storing soaps, which is a collaboration with a cabinetmaker from Sherbrooke.

Cabinetmaker partner in Sherbrooke

Local development, a corporate value

This company relies on local purchasing, local collaborations and direct sales! It is essential to avoid major trips in order to counter excessive pollution. The market is concentrated in Quebec! Pur Om has several points of sale , now at about forty, in addition to the online store . Deliveries are made in Quebec and Ontario, just to stay as local as possible. Of course, Benoit participates in exhibitions and continues to travel to promote his range.

Growth management

It is necessary to plan orders as a result of sales forecasts since the products are subcontracted to the Savonnerie des Diligences. “It's expensive to start a business project, you have to invest a lot in development in order to come out with new products and be able to market them,” says Benoit on the monetary issue. For him, the investment is easy to make since he believes in his project, in his product and in its success. He therefore took out RRSPs to finance his project from the start and continues to work hard to further develop his brand. He has reached the stage where he must double the number of products ordered in order to respond to the recurrence and the addition of new points of sale.

Key to success – balance

Balance is important to Benoit, whether it's taking time for himself or listening to his needs. He allows himself to slow down when his body calls for it. The old mentality of always working harder and working harder is far from his personal mentality. He is attentive to his needs and firmly rooted in the land. He considers his “ feeling ” when making business decisions such as a new partnership, a new point of sale or the development of a new product. This entrepreneur knows so many people in business who are burnt out and burnt out. "So I have to feel it, I go to places that I feel and I avoid pitching myself in the work", passionately invokes Benoit on his approach. and maintaining balance. Nowadays, it's rather difficult to live your life according to your needs and values ​​when the world tells you something else. He admires people who go after their dreams, who do what they want to do, who are unique and different. “I find it more and more cool and I try to surround myself with people like that, that's what inspires me”. Concretely, this businessman has made the choice to rarely work on the weekend, to continue training, to take time off when he is more tired, to get a change of scenery when he feels " down" by going for a walk in the nature and even doing an activity he enjoys. All in order to keep his head in the work when it's time.

Pur Om shaving brush and shaving cream

Pur Om and its projects

Several new products are simmering since Benoit listens to his customers and their needs. Some are currently being tested. Pur Om only tests its products on brave men, never on animals. A new product just released, LE CLASSE soap, has just joined OSÉ. The collection therefore includes two soaps, a shaving cream and a shampoo/conditioner bar, a wooden holder set for the shaving brush and the razor (beautiful!) and even a new razor among the accessories. Then, for the curious and patients, know that Benoit is working on his baby, a unique, somewhat revolutionary, 100% ecological deodorant. This one requires a bit more research and development to meet all of those criteria. Follow Pur Om to stay abreast of the evolution of this company!

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