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MOOV Activewear: the revolutionary leggings for all (yes, all) women on the move.

Legging MOOV

The movement perfectly describes the work of sisters Geneviève and Stéphanie Tremblay. That's probably why they chose MOOV as their business name, when they didn't know where this project would take them. I had the chance to speak with Geneviève, despite our busy schedules, to learn more about this jewel that is the MOOV family.

Studio Moov: the beginning of the story

Geneviève and Stéphanie, two sisters who are definitely determined and passionate about physical activity, founded Studio MOOV in 2013, after having made quite drastic career changes. One an oceanographer and former National Collegiate Athletic Association soccer athlete in the United States, the other a television production assistant and occasional coach, they threw themselves into entrepreneurship headfirst.

Moov Studio

Studio MOOV, a physical activity and fitness center located in Boisbriand, is intended for a family clientele. Already, the two sisters were moving away from the norms by offering an environment intended for pregnant women, young mothers and families, which was almost absent from the market at that time. They now offer dozens of classes each week for all of their clientele. Their goal: to make physical training accessible to everyone, in comfort and in an environment conducive to personal development.

Listening to women

Speaking of comfort, the Tremblay sisters pulled out all the stops when they developed their brand of leggings, MOOV Activewear, barely two years after opening their studio. However, this project was not part of the original plan. “Observing our clients during sessions and taking note of their general comments in relation to their workout clothes gave us the idea of ​​creating the perfect leggings for women: flattering leggings that hug the natural shapes and stays in place. The sisters add, “Our goal was to make sure our clients could train comfortably, without always having to pull up their leggings. The garment's high waist and seamless front provide superior support and fit. Then, the addition of an integrated antibacterial gusset seemed essential to us to offer more comfort and also to blur the appearance of the crotch”.

The different models of the brand are available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from XS to XXL. The MOOV Activewear website is also equipped with a tool, the MOOV Size Finder®, to help customers find THE perfect size for their leggings. This software, based on an algorithm taking into account the sizes offered by the brand as well as the elasticity of the fabric specific to MOOV Activewear, reassures women in choosing their clothing, especially when shopping online. Note that the models and sizes offered also include a choice of length for women shorter or taller than 5 feet and 6 inches.

MOOV leggings

The best laboratory for testing products is undoubtedly, for Geneviève and Stéphanie, to wear their leggings and listen to the comments of their clients and the trainers working in their studio. Another essential element for the two active moms is the maintenance of the garment. Indeed, it is designed to survive in exemplary fashion the multiple washing and drying cycles that life has in store for it.

An entirely local process

In order to create, develop and ensure the manufacture of such an innovative product, the decision to set up a process at the local level was essential. The two sisters first developed a brand new textile material, called MOOVFLEX™, to allow the revolutionary leggings to keep their promises: hold, comfort and breathability. Said fabric is made in Montreal using an exclusive process. “However, we are talking about a good year of research and development to get there,” points out Geneviève.

MOOV leggings

The journey to create this fabric and the basic model of the leggings, combining innovation and technology, was not easy. The prototype of the product as currently sold, completed almost four years ago, took two years to reach the market. Geneviève tells me she still wears the very first leggings and that they are still in perfect condition after hundreds of washes. This was also one of the objectives of this famous textile.

From the beginning of the project, the Tremblay sisters joined a Montreal sewing cooperative in order to join forces with other textile experts, to share know-how and labor and to remain competitive and proactive. “It took us three years to be well placed in terms of production. We can now say that we are ready for expansion”. It must be said that MOOV Activewear clothing is available in certain Sports Experts stores as well as in several specialized stores, including Signé Local.

MOOV Activewear

“Other great projects are coming up,” Geneviève tells me, with a smile in her voice. It's that the demand is there, and that the athleisure , on which the company is currently surfing, is the new key trend in the world of fashion.

Social impact as a mission

The company, which promotes social responsibility, continues to manufacture all of its production in Quebec. “This allows us to keep control over all of the manufacturing steps, and we thus ensure that each talent is exploited to its full potential, and we give work to families here. Of course, local production comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to raw materials and manufacturing costs. “By advocating social responsibility, employees are paid fairly, but this has consequences on the selling price of the product. However, customers note the exceptional quality of the garments sold by MOOV Activewear (compared to other brands manufactured in developing countries and from standard fabrics) as well as their incomparable durability, and the game is worth it. really the candle. “It's simple, we created the best leggings in the world! We created the perfect leggings for the imperfect woman! says Geneviève with conviction.

The launch, by Geneviève and Stéphanie, of the hashtag #moovsisters made it possible to strengthen the feeling of community and the motivation of the troops during lessons as well as in daily life. In addition to organizing local gatherings in their community, the Moov sisters are involved in various major events such as Expo Yoga and the Salon de la course. This allows them to transmit their passion and to discover the incredible potential of their innovative products to new followers.

MOOV sisters

Moreover, do not hesitate to take a look at the vlog section of the website, where the two sisters meet professional athletes from various disciplines, including Marianne St-Gelais, in order to demonstrate the versatility and excellence of their leggings for all occasions. Be careful, women entrepreneurs also challenge themselves, without pretension!

In short, Moov is much more than a sportswear brand. It is also a place of gathering, learning and surpassing oneself, as well as a community with their well-being at heart, as well as that of their children. We invite you to discover the brand via its website, or simply by searching for #moovsisters on your favorite social networks!

For more information on the company, see its member profile.

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