Winter outings, during and after spring break

activités famille relâche hiver

To take advantage of the last moments of winter and turn your nose rosy during spring break, here are several suggestions for activities to do with family and friends. They will allow you to have fun outdoors (and even indoors) in addition to discovering certain regions of our beautiful province.



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And yes, we dress warmly, we take our "crazy carpet" and we go at full speed on a snowy slope. It really is an effective way to get kids moving, regardless of their age. Several places are to be discovered. Find out about places where you can go skiing free of charge — fun guaranteed!


skate winter

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We stick to the classics! We take out our skates, our thermos of hot chocolate and we rush to the neighborhood ice rink or to one of the many frozen trails in Quebec. Check out 20 rinks to try this winter .


winter skiing

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Why not exercise while having fun? There is something for all tastes and for all levels. You can get started with a basic course offered on site, rent all the equipment, and spend a magical evening! To give you a taste, here is atop 10 places to ski in Quebec, as well as an online directory for more information on the mountains. Then, you can even try the fatbike, a bike whose tires are designed for winter. Several places are equipped for the more and more numerous followers of this sport!


escape games

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One of my favorites with my teenagers — laughter, suspense, puzzles! This activity is gaining in popularity and the themes are diversified in several escape games in Quebec: Sort qui peut (Trois-Rivières), Énigma (Trois-Rivières), Captif (Victoriaville), Mission Morpheus (Montréal), L'Issue ( Drumondville), the Escaparium (Sherbrooke), etc.


Bad Loser, playful cafe

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Fun cafés, such as the Mauvais Perdants in Trois-Rivières, are cafés where you can play board games. I love this concept because it allows us to try games and get out of our routines. Laughs, laughs and giggles! Plus, snacks and drinks are more than welcome for an afternoon of fun. Here is a list of coffees available in Quebec.


creative workshops

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I love to tinker and use my creativity! These activities often offer all the necessary materials, in addition to inspiring models and sound advice.

Zoos and refuges

Omega Park

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I love visiting zoos with my kids and seeing their faces light up in front of giraffes, hippos, gorillas — wow! My winter favourites: the Zoo de Granby , Parc Oméga and the Aquarium de Québec and the festilumières . For shelters or farms that are out of the ordinary, there are several to discover: Educazoo , the Bisonnière farm , biodiversity center , Falardeau Zoo , etc.



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Depending on the tastes in the family, there is something for everyone. I particularly like the Boréalis museum in Trois-Rivières, which presents the evolution of paper over time. It's perfect to discover the history of paper with historical figures, to learn more about 3D printing, to follow a workshop on craft paper, etc. Several surprises await you and it's open to the whole family. One of my favourites!

The Montréal science center remains a classic that appeals to everyone, regardless of age. At each visit, my daughters and I have so much fun discovering the exhibitions there, that we forget the closing time!



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To move indoors, I suggest activities like rock climbing, laser tag or paintball. You can also visit parks and amusement centers such as recréOFUN , iSaute or SkyVenture . You can even go to the water slides at Bora Parc ! The choice is vast to move differently!



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During spring break, spas often offer family packages. An activity that we do not always think of doing as a family, but which turns out to be very pleasant. What could be better than taking advantage of the hot baths and relaxing a little before returning to class. If you are looking for an activity to do indoors, the cinema remains an excellent choice for spending quality time with your family. Also take the opportunity to visit the Signé Local store at Dix30 and discover new Quebec companies.

No matter what outings and activities you choose, the important thing is to cherish the moments spent with your loves. While waiting for spring, give free rein to your imagination and your desires: organize a movie night at home, build a fort in the yard, take out a board game or your dice, prepare a meal with the family, visit friends, etc Have a good break and a good end to winter!

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