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Au Naturel, products that do you good

Au Naturel, les produits qui font du bien

I discovered Au Naturel last fall, during the Expo Habitation. Lianne, the owner, participated with other members of Signé Local. Already, from a human point of view, I really appreciated the person. That's what I prefer about Expos and shows, meeting the human being behind the product. It makes the product more unique!

So I bought a small heating pad and essential oil of lavender (poush poush) in anticipation of my delivery. Being very “natural” myself, I recognized myself in Lianne's products and in her business vision.

When a hobby becomes a job

Barely a year ago, Lianne was a nurse in the operating room. After the birth of her second child, she was diagnosed with postpartum depression with severe anxiety. She therefore distances herself from her work in order to take care of herself. "I used to make candles when I was in nursing school, for fun, as a hobby." Encouraged, she reconnects with this hobby, imbued with serenity.

Then, her husband's observation: there are too many candles in the house! Lianne therefore decides to sell them. First appearance at the farmers market, everything is sold. The demand is there, leisure is gradually becoming a livelihood.

Healed, Lianne resumes her job as a nurse: “I was doing both jobs, and then it just exploded. We have more than 150 stores across Canada. Aware of the success and needs of Lianne, who makes all her candles by hand, her husband joins her: “my husband quit his job, he works with us full time, we have another employee who works full time with us".

Today, Lianne feels good. Clearly, we understand! The couple joined other employees over time.

Au naturel

Credit: Au Natural

100% natural

“We don't cut our soybeans. Our soy is 100% pure, we don't add any additives, there are no dyes, the wick is 100% natural, it's called HTP, it's just treated cotton,” explains Lianne. In addition, its candles do not contain phthalates and are scented with refined essential oils. The goal? Allow the soybeans to burn as cleanly as possible and for a longer period of time. Exit the toxic products of paraffin.

In addition to candles, the company offers several products respecting the “Au naturel” vision: bath bombs, lip balms, essential oils, diffusers, etc.

A responsible company

“All our packaging is recyclable, we put everything in glass or in Masson jars,” explains the young entrepreneur. The use of glass containers allows reuse, but above all, customers can bring their container back to refill it. Indeed, Au naturel will offer the filling from their new workshop.

This environmental concern can be seen in all their packaging, which is either recyclable, compostable or reusable. “All our bath bombs are in cellulose, so it's biodegradable our lip balms are in paper tubes, it's 100% compostable, otherwise it's reusable or you can refill it”. It is therefore an integral part of their mission to produce as little waste as possible. “We try, in everything we do, that there is nothing left,” she adds.

In the medium term, Lianne intends to reduce her packaging even more, especially for deodorants.

Au naturel

Credit: Au Natural


By shopping in their shop , it is clear how important smells are. Essential oils are omnipresent, in the various products, but also sold as is or accompanied by a diffuser. And the diffusers are also diversified: bracelets, volcanic stone, balls of felted wool (coming soon), etc.

Let's talk about aromatherapy:

  • Its melaleuca oil (teatree for short) would be a good disinfectant to spray, simply, on its furniture.
  • A Lavender Pouch on the pillow to sleep better.
  • A few drops of “peppermint lemon” in the morning on the body.

Lianne also suggests adding a few drops of essential oil to her body mask ("lavender before sleeping or melaleuca for pimples, lice") or her balls of wool for the dryer ("it cuts the drying time half,” she told me).

Au naturel

Credit: Au Natural

Just good for the future

Lianne's imagination has no limits, and new products, new scents are on the way.

What should be remembered about this company, however, is its very name: “I'm a very natural person, I don't wear a lot of make-up, body products. I am a very simple person”. Lianne started this company for that, for the simplicity that she cherishes, in the types of products, in the choice of ingredients. She wanted to create a business with less impact on the environment and offer a natural solution.

Simple products, with few ingredients, which are pleasing. Find out more here.

Reviewed by Louise

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