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Not Sew Strange, the unique touch

Not Sew Strange

When everything seems so identical in children's shops, discovering Not Sew Strange becomes a must. For what? It's simple, to welcome in our decor a Scandinavian and minimalist touch in every single point.

I still remember the hours of shopping that went by to find what would make my child's room unique. I really wanted the decor to reflect our image.

If you are like me, you know that this piece is a reflection of our aspirations. This is the place where sweet and precious moments will be born in a few months. Our favorite place to watch baby grow.

Finally a product that stands out

I was immediately charmed by the harmony of the patterns and colors used. I'm a big fan of black and white. In a few photos, I was conquered! I would have loved to have discovered this great company when I flattered myself for the first time… 10 years ago!

I had the pleasure of talking with Julie so that you too can have the pleasure of discovering the designer she has become over the years. 20 years in the field of fashion, it's not nothing.

Its click

While pregnant with twins, Julie couldn't find what she wanted in the children's bedroom department. Everything seemed the same to him. Black and white was not an option one could consider for a child's decor. So she decided to create herself what she dreamed of.

One thing is certain, the result was quickly the envy of all. When the requests started piling up, there was no longer any doubt that she had to make her creations accessible to everyone.

Little Scarlett the Bear

On her Etsy shop, you can find the Scarlett the bear doll . The one that was created for her daughters for Christmas. It is now part of his collection. I like its modern style and not too childish. For the little men, there is Victor the wolf. What a great result again! I bet your little one would love it as much as your little guy.

Not Sew Strange

Credit: Not Sew Strange

What differentiates it in its industry

The Scandinavian look is intended to be refined, soft, soothing and minimalist. We have fun with geometric shapes, we integrate black and white. We arrange everything with wood or even copper. She also makes eco-responsible choices by using 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester fiber for her dolls. Companies that make these choices have much to be proud of.

What's cooking for the next year

She definitely wants to create new models, offer new products. When I asked her where she saw herself with Not Sew Strange in 5 years, she snapped the reply “to live off it full time”. For the moment, as we have discussed, it is the balance that counts. Her part-time job allows her to continue to create and imagine the sequel at her own pace while being present for her twins. If I were you, I would immediately follow his Facebook page so as not to miss anything.

Not Sew Strange

Credit: Michelle Little | Stylist: Autumn Wood

proud moment

When you learn that you are distinguished by your creation, there are no words other than pride that come to mind. Julie had the pleasure of seeing her little owl win her place in the La Baie department store as part of a contest organized by the Drake general store and at Etsy. The call was open to all Canadian designers who wanted to submit their unique ideas and designs for 100% Canadian souvenirs that represent our nation well. So she proudly represented us in 2017!!!

What we absolutely need to know

Made-to-measure "the custom" completely fascinates her. Starting with a pattern, an image, an item already purchased for the bedroom and even a paint can number, that's what she likes. Dare to place your special request, you might be totally impressed! It is the only one within your reach.

A costly anecdote

As I am very curious, I wanted to get us a little anecdote. The latter reminds us how anything can happen when you are an entrepreneur. It was during the Canada Post strike that it happened, when she had to send an order to England, Julie had to turn to Fedex . The bill was more than hefty: $177. We don't really have a choice at that time. It's not the time to look for excuses, especially when customer service is a priority for Julie.

Who tears off his creations?

She sells very often in the United States, among other places, she tells me, and Texas is a very good market for her. His creations have also traveled overseas, passing through Europe and even Australia.

For this first interview, I am more than happy to have found an exceptional designer like Julie. Now is the time for you to offer yourself a custom decor.

Dear Julie, I wish you all the success you deserve and beautiful projects for 2018.

I end by quoting his motivating phrase: “I can do hard things”!

And to learn more about this unique company, go to the member page!

Cover: Credit: Michelle Little | Stylist: Autumn Wood

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