Fall Fun: To-Do List

Plaisirs d'automne : liste de choses à faire

There are a host of activities to do in autumn, and despite the clichés that the majority of them represent, they are essential and allow you to spend excellent days with family, friends, as a couple or alone. at face with oneself.

For the occasion, discover part of our comforting bucket list for the coming weeks!

Fall To-Do Lists

Collect and cook seasonal fruits and vegetables

What could be better than spending a day under the sun, surrounded by trees and sweet scents, in good company, carefully choosing the fruits and vegetables that we will cook afterwards?
For those who are short on time, but would still like to taste local fall flavors, several companies, including Cidrerie du Minot, offer numerous products made from apples. The Labonté de la Pomme company even offers an apple and maple jelly . A delight!

Light lots of candles that smell like fall

Contrary to what we might first think, soy candles smell just as pleasant as those from big box stores, in addition to being made with premium ingredients. For example, for fall, scents like Chalet (Oli & Eve) or Cedar and Siberian Pine (Moodgie) , Earl Gray Tea (Baltic Club) or Frosty Forest (Oli & Eve) were created.
chalet candle oli and eve

Relax with a hot drink in hand

What's better than a hot drink to get an instant dose of comfort?
floèm rose and chamomile infused tea
Whether on the way to work, chatting with a friend over a hot cup or watching television, a dose of tea is always welcome. This fall, diversify your selection to add Floèm tea , including tea infused with rose and chamomile and Labrador tea .

Go for a walk in the forest

Why not enjoy the fall colors with a little (or big) walk outside? Whether you live in the region or in the city, there are tons of beautiful spots to walk and relax to the sound of dead leaves crunching underfoot. It's the perfect season to have family picnics and enjoy all the wonders you've cooked with your harvest of apples, squash and pumpkins.

Take long hot baths

THE ultimate thing to relax: take a hot bath. That’s good, since the Signé Local repertoire offers a vast selection of body and bath products . The advantage with items made in Quebec is that they contain more natural, less toxic and more eco-responsible ingredients than the majority of products sold in stores. Thus, we can afford to enhance bath water with foam or effervescent bombs that do not cause redness or irritation, while helping to drive the local economy.
Have a movie marathon
Binge-watching multiple movies or TV series is at the top of our list of favorite fall activities. Through the crazy daily life that we too often lead, it is necessary to allow ourselves moments of rest where it is okay to do nothing. The new Home Theater set has everything you need for a successful movie night!

By Sabrina Asselin

Revised September 2023 by Sofiya P.

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