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My beauty routine has changed a lot over the past year. I am now very careful about what I apply to my skin and have opted for a transition to more “green” products. Thus, I favor natural ingredients and products made here. We are lucky to be spoiled in Quebec with a great range of choices.

I therefore offer you an overview of the different stages of my daily routine.


My habit before entering the bathtub is to apply oil, either sesame or coconut, to my body and massage it. From head to toes. There is nothing better to keep your body hydrated, especially in winter.

For the shower I opt for a natural soap, just like my hand soap. The Alizé soap factory offers a choice of incredible scents: lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, honey and cedar, … to name but a few. A real sensory escape for the time of a shower.

And when I do happen to take a bath, I have a thing for bath bombs. The eucalyptus ones when I feel the onset of a cold. Or those with lavender flowers to relax me.


As for the body, I prefer to use natural products so as not to “suffocate” my hair. Oneka 's goldenseal (a plant) and citrus shampoo restores vitality and shine to my hair.




Make-up removal is an essential step for healthy skin! I always remove my make-up with oil-limestone liniment. Thanks to its nourishing and moisturizing properties, my skin remains soft. I like the one Maya products that I use with washable makeup remover wipes (as often as possible).

After removing makeup from my face, it's time for cleansing. I apply a cleansing foam with a facial sponge. The Bkind bamboo charcoal one made of 100% natural plant fibers is very practical.

Then I always apply a toner. There is a beautiful one at Idoine . I tap with my fingers to make it penetrate my skin.



Then, to hydrate my face, I alternate with a cream and an oil. I really fell in love with Dryade 's precious serum. In addition to providing my skin with a protective layer, it gives it an immediate healthy glow effect. By applying the cream or oil, I take the opportunity to massage my face for 5 minutes: energizing effect guaranteed! I also always have a lip balm with me so I can moisturize them regularly.

And finally, about once a week, I exfoliate and apply a mask to my face. Runak 's Quinoa & Oat Exfoliating Powder, suitable for delicate skin, is a good option for gentle exfoliation.

For masks, it is in turn a moisturizing or purifying mask, like the pretty pink mask offered by Simkha .

masque runak



I regularly exfoliate my body to remove dead cells on the surface of the skin. Then I hydrate it with a nourishing cream. I pay particular attention to the care of the feet, which are often neglected. My secret to having soft and hydrated feet? Apply a good layer of cream, based on shea butter, such as CoKa Whipped Butter from Maya Products.

It is also valid for the hands, more exposed, which easily suffer from dryness. It is therefore necessary to hydrate them a little more. That's why I always have a citrus hand balm near me: at home, in the office and in my bag.

On the deodorant side, I also went natural. I admit that I had some doubts at first about the effectiveness. Doubts that were quickly swept away by testing the natural deodorant . It's just as effective!

Les coconuts déodorant


I must say that I really enjoy my natural beauty routine. I find my complexion less dull than before. I am now trying to be more conscious about my consumption of beauty products and I thus promote natural care, good for my skin.

Be careful, however, to choose products that suit your skin type. Then adopt a regular routine and you will see the beneficial effects.

Reviewed by Catherine

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