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Valentine's Day… just one day?

La Saint-Valentin… juste une journée?

It won't be a surprise this year Valentine's Day is February 14th and a Wednesday in addition, yes! We take a break in the middle of the week to treat ourselves and celebrate love. For many, every year, the challenge is to find THE right gift idea or THE special outing. We want to surprise the other and above all, we want to put a little magic into it to show all our love. So in this article (my first by the way!), I'm giving you my favorite addresses, my wise advice and even totally free suggestions.

How about asking more questions? Be curious!

Whether you are an old couple or a brand new, beautiful little couple, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice of gifts. We rack our brains and end up with a bouquet of flowers or chocolate. Well, I don't judge these little attentions, but personally one can easily be more original by questioning the other slyly.

  • If I give you $100 to spend today, honey, what do you buy with that money?

Good food at the restaurant: a classic that remains appreciated

It's not always easy to find THE new place to try. I therefore suggest these little places that seduced me in 2017 in the beautiful city of Quebec.

  • La Café du monde : the view is magnificent and the menu is delicious! You can then walk in the heart of Quebec
  • Chez Boulay : located on St-Jean Street, from the first bite, you discover incredible flavors. There is no doubt about the search for mixtures of smells and flavors. Everything is thought out! We take the opportunity to stroll on the still lively St-Jean Street and encourage local businesses.

*Addition of the Editor-in-Chief*

  • Bistro Rosie: my favorite 2017! The Bistro Rosie, Rosemont district (hence the name) is refreshing, refined and unique in every way! Its owners cook with a local and responsible selection of products. To try!

A well-orchestrated mystery outing

Some ideas that will surprise "kitty" or "soft little name you give him":

  • A trip to the spa in the style of 5 to 8 and hop after we go for a small cocktail in a pub.
  • Rent a chalet for the weekend or simply for one night. You can even turn to the Airbnb in the heart of Quebec or downtown Montreal.
  • For sports enthusiasts, a beautiful night snowshoe hike with a little champagne to pop along the way.
  • Go see a show – the one he or she has been telling you about for a long time (your notes taken in the year hehe!).
  • A sushi dinner at home with a good pasted and pasted film: simple and effective!

Totally Quebec suggestion : an eco-responsible fashion show next April!

One of our members, Myco Anna, will parade during this event organized by CERTEX, a clothing recovery organization. A nice Valentine's Day promo just for you here .

A jewel to highlight all its beauty

I really want to make you discover jewelry for all genders, which could enhance the beauty of the loved one. Etsy and the “zinternets” are full of passionate jewelry designers. Above all, do not miss it. As much for men as for women! (Between $15 and $50)

  • Lost and Faune: on their website one can read “Lost is losing one's bearings, getting out of one's comfort zone, exploring and finding oneself faced with the unknown. Wildlife is the landscapes, familiar faces and animals that help us remember where we come from. ". Me it inspires me!
  • Dec'Art you! : jewels where the wood will seduce you , a beautiful artistic and unique touch!
  • Twenty Compass : I like the bohemian side, the use of semi-precious stones and stainless steel. I'm sure you'll like the Gypsy Choker or the Wild and free choker .
  • Aura vibe : Shops that dare to wear men's bracelets are more rare, but this one will stand out and make you want to spoil your darling ! For women there is no shortage of choices and the colors chosen are magnificent. As I am an entrepreneur, you will not be surprised that their mission inspires me: " INSPIRE you to move, manifest your goals and achieve them." »

lost and fauna

The Lost and Faune mountain necklace for sale on our online store !

The beard is still popular

I have gathered, for you who share your life with a bearded man (just like me!) three of our members who take care of our gentlemen and of whom we can be very proud.

  • Gentilshommes: handmade, with meticulous care and designed in Quebec. Personally, I love branding !
  • Brave & Bearded: high-end products and accessories for a well-groomed beard.
  • FX Cosmetics Inc. : a Quebec body care company for men, with a developed environmental awareness.

The pot of rewards that feels good all year round

The routine of life is often very dizzying… Why not offer to make a small pot of rewards? On a small piece of paper, you write down a task that you would like to delegate. And hop, on Sunday we draw and we can use this reward in the week or the month to come. Giving your time is free and it allows the other to spoil themselves!

Sweet little words – we flatter in the direction of the hair!

You could for example: congratulate darling on his role as a dad, highlight a quality you like in the other, put a naughty message (yes! yes!), compliment on his appearance and what makes you fall in love with him or her . Be creative!!! Let the magic happen!

I want to tell you that Valentine's Day is every day. We have to maintain our relationship, listen to each other and seize opportunities when they arise. Honestly, I have no expectations for Valentine's Day. Regardless, I'm going to enjoy this day and put some magic into it myself. Do not wait for the other to take the first steps. I learned after 14 years together and two beautiful children that when you want something you take action to make it happen. The proof: I am married and I dared to ask for it myself!!!

Reviewed by Catherine

Cover: Twenty Compass

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