Dried local porcini mushrooms

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These flavorful mushrooms are dried for optimal preservation and can be rehydrated for use in cooking or added to dishes such as soups, stews, sauces or stir-fries. Porcini mushrooms are rich in protein, fiber and flavor.

Additional Info: This is one of the best mushrooms around, and is always a pleasure to find, either alone or in groups. Near the front door of Gourmet Sauvage stands a large spruce tree which offers us several boletus every year which we discover early in the morning. These woodland treasures are always received with great joy!

The porcini mushrooms that we offer you are picked by hand in the forest and dried meticulously. The result is tasty, high quality dehydrated mushrooms.

They have a refined, nutty taste.

Directions for use: The woody taste of porcini mushrooms, reminiscent of nuts, makes them a mushroom of choice for preparing a risotto or accompanying meats and all dishes with a strong taste.

Rehydrate the mushrooms in a liquid (water, broth, milk, wine, etc.) until they are full (the time varies depending on whether the liquid is hot or cold), then incorporate them into your recipe. Remember to recover the rehydration fluid, taking care to filter it; it's full of the good taste of mushrooms! If your recipe already contains liquid, there is no need to rehydrate the mushrooms beforehand.

Porcini mushrooms can be used whole, cut into pieces or ground to powder in a food processor.

Size: 40 g.

Ingredients: Boletus Porcini

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