Inspiration - Aromatherapy bracelet

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this INSPIRATION bracelet is made with 6mm garnet and lava stone, pewter, steel and jewelry elastic.

The properties of this bracelet with the Garnet stone:

  • Inspires passion, sensuality, intimacy and sexuality
  • Promotes positive thoughts and self-confidence
  • Helps with spine, bone and cell health issues
  • Purifies heart, lungs, blood and renews DNA


  • Extra small: 6.5"
  • Small: 7in.
  • Medium: 7.5in.
  • Large: 8in.

In order to have a complete experience, please match this bracelet with the INSPIRATION oil.

How to use:

  • Spread the oil on the black part of the bracelet. These stones are lava stones and are ultra absorbent. There is a brush in the bottle to facilitate the application of the oil on the bracelet and a dip is enough to soak the lava stones well.
  • Take 2 minutes to inhale and exhale the scent of the oil.
  • The essential oil scent lasts about 4 days on the bracelet. Reapply at your discretion.

Additional Information:

  • Do not wear the bracelet in the shower or in the swimming pool. The rubber band dries out in the water.
  • The bracelet should be a quarter to a half inch larger than your wrist length.
  • The elastic will break if it is still stretched over your wrist.
  • Oil is sold separately

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