Fir mustard

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The spicy taste of mustard combined with the resinous aromas of the needles results in an exceptional marriage which translates into unique dishes in the kitchen that evoke the great outdoors and nature.

Additional information: Fir mustard is handmade in small batches from high-quality ingredients: Canadian mustard, cider vinegar, white wine and sea salt. Fir needles picked from hand, delicately dried and then crushed are added, then the mustard is aged a few weeks before potting to allow the flavors to fully reveal themselves.

Directions for use: This fragrant mustard will allow you to add a wild touch to your dishes. Its unique resinous and woody taste boldly accompanies everyday cooking and enhances dishes for special occasions. Ideal as a marinade for tempeh, in a grilled vegetable and feta sandwich, as an accompaniment to duck breast, in a tartare or as a dip mixed with homemade mayonnaise.

Format: 190ml

Ingredients: Mustard (sulphites), white wine, cider vinegar, water, fir needles, sea salt.

Vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO

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