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A traditional grooming essential for any man who enjoys the pleasure of a classic wet shave. Shaving soap performs the essential task of lubricating between the blade and the skin. It softens the skin and cleanses it at the same time.

Fragrances :

Cognac and Cuban Cigars – Close your eyes, savor the smell and let it linger a moment longer; you have arrived in Cuba. Imagine the pleasure of an afternoon game of poker, strolling while smoking cigars and sipping a nice cold cognac. This defines masculinity with its rich aroma that combines sweet cognac accompanied by a subtle cool smoky aromatic charm. Olfactory Profile: Cedar, fresh leather, spicy lemon, cognac and spicy tobacco.

Duke of Sandalwood - Sit back and savor the musky and woody aromas that are part of this warm and comforting fragrance. Sophistication in every sense of the word, Duc de Santal defines the notability and sense of good taste and high-end style of the upper echelons of society. Olfactory Profile: Sandalwood, spicy nutmeg, tree moss, lemon citrus and exotic patchouli oil.

Bay Rum - A masculine fragrance inspired by island flavors. Let the distinctive sweet and spicy scents of Bay Rum keep you feeling warm and summery all year round. Enjoy the soothing scent of Bay Rum without the overpowering note of clove. Olfactory Profile: Anise, juniper, spices, citrus, absinthe.

Lime - Gorgeous lime, clear and fresh smell. Combined with fresh bergamot it creates a freshness creating a clear and fresh, rich and warm smell that will keep you special all day long. With lime butter. Olfactory Profile: Sandalwood, spicy nutmeg, tree moss, lemon citrus, exotic patchouli oil.

Coeur de Vetiver - A fresh fragrance with predominant notes of bergamot, a touch of lavender and a sprig of pepper, which is brought back to earth with floral notes of neroli and cedar, all on a captivating base of vetiver with a hint vanilla. Olfactory Profile: Note of bergamot, lavender, vanilla pepper, woody notes.

Enjoy the iodized scents and the sea breeze all year round. Fresh and stimulating, this aquatic fragrance provides both relaxation and vitality thanks to floral and tangy notes, accompanied by a woody base which, in turn, gives a sensation of depth and intensity. The essence of this fragrance is powerful and elegant with an assertive character.

The Benefits of Using Shaving Soap

Less irritation – Using a shaving soap will give you superior glide when shaving. It helps reduce irritation and can even prevent ingrown hairs on your face.

Long life expectancy – If you want to prolong your shaving efforts, using shaving soap can produce long-lasting results.

Great value – Typically, shaving soap lasts longer than traditional foams and creams. Another essential point for those who travel, you can pack it in your hand luggage without any problem.

Easy to use – Shaving soap is ridiculously easy to use, and once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder why you never did it this way before.

Takes care of the skin – Using a shaving soap provides good hydration to the face, which promotes skin health and softens the hairs before shaving, removing oils and residue. This allows water to penetrate facial hair more easily.

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